Zebec, SeaEagle & Saturn

If you explore Saturn, SeaEagle inflatable boat models, you will find an overwhelming similarity between Zebec (http://zebec.co.kr) produced inflatable boat models. This is because all these brands are produced by Zebec, Korea.

Most of the inflatable boats I noticed i.e. whitewater river rafts, dinghy rafts owned by many adventure water sports clubs down south and north India are usually made of Zebec. I guess, they are either procured through importers from Mumbai or directly from Zebec Korea. The brands which are sold in US are SeaEagle and Saturn, are also manufactured by Zebec.

In all probability, they have different models which are either manufactured in Chinese or Korean factories. The print on the SeaEagle SE-9 which I bought shows it is made in China and sold by SeaEagle US.

In any case, they seem to produce inflatable boats of reasonable quality made out of PVC (1000 Denier). However, SE-9 being a soft inflatable, it is made of 0.9mm (approximately ) PVC, which is less than 1000 Denier. Zebec’s web site, does not mention any other material being used, other than PVC.

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One Response to Zebec, SeaEagle & Saturn

  1. Mark Garza says:

    it seems like a lot of the inflatable boats out there are all made in China. Are you aware of any inflatable boats that are manufactured in america?

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